Amazon has its own Netflix alternative, but does this have what it takes to compete with Netflix. Let’s have a look and find out for yourselves.

You may be surprised to learn that Amazon Prime Video has been around for a while. It was launched way back in 2006 as Amazon Unbox. It was later renamed to Amazon Instant Video on Demand. After a few more years had passed it seems to have settled on the name Amazon Prime Video.

As of December 2016, Amazon Prime Video is now available worldwide. Given that it is now a global streaming service it may be a good time to see what it can offer you and your family.

To start off just like Netflix it offers a 30-day trial. That gives you almost a month to decide if you think it is worth your continued support. Again, very much like Netflix, it is creating its own original content. So, if there’s a series or film that catches your eye that should make it a lot easier to sign up. Let’s be honest both streaming services are very similar to each other. We need to take look at its advantages and disadvantages to help you reach a proper decision.

On the plus side, Amazon Prime Video is cheaper than Netflix, at £5.99 per month. You can also sign up for Amazon Prime at £79 per year, which also includes extras such as free next day delivery, Amazon Prime Music and more. This is not just a UK exclusive deal. The chances are no matter where you live. A similar deal should be available to you. Another notable advantage it has over Netflix is its 4K content, which comes at no extra charge, unlike its rival. Let’s not forget Amazon also allows its customers to buy, download or rent TV shows and films. A feature mostly lacking in Netflix.

On the negative side, Amazon Prime Video clearly doesn’t have the size of video library Netflix has. It does feel a lot less complete than its rival. I have also found playing video content on a tablet or a game console to be subpar. An experience that I do not get with playing Netflix on other devices. Finally, brand confusion. Amazon offers its customer so much sometimes it’s hard to remember its streaming service is even available.

So, if I had to declare a winner. I would say Netflix it still has the edge. I feel the content on Netflix is richer. The user experience is also a little bit better as well. My recommendation is if you can afford it pay for both. With both, it can help fill in the missing gaps the other doesn’t cover. Amazon Prime Video is a good service, it’s just not reached Netflix’s level yet.

Amazon Prime Video Review
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