I don’t make too many channel updates. It’s been a few months since my last one. So I think it’s time to keep you updated with what’s going on. In the last channel update in March, I mention I was thinking about making big changes to the channel. Well, that thought process has come to an end. I have decided not to make big changes to the content. I have added to new series. A top 5 show and a commentary show. The first top 5 video has already been uploaded. So you can judge for yourself, but the commentary show will take a bit longer to complete. I have already binned 2 scripts for this show. It is taking a lot of time to find the right voice for this show. I will continue and I am sure I will find it.

In other news, I will be uploading to Amazon Video Direct. In May Amazon launched Amazon Video Direct as a rival to YouTube. Aimed at more professional video makers I could have a chance to get a foothold in another video hosting service. Don’t worry all the videos will be appearing on YouTube first. I will also be doing a lot more live streaming in the coming months. Expect to see me appear on Twitch, Facebook and YouTube. This will be mostly game related content but you never know.

One more update before I go, I will be looking for another YouTube network. The current network I am with is experiencing major internal issues. YouTube have tightened up the rules for Networks this year and some seem to be struggling to survive. This has forced me to take time away from making videos and having to deal with this issue. I apologise in advance. I will try to deal with this as fast as I can.

Finally, Thank you again for your continued support for this channel. We have over 600 subscribers now. If you have found this channel helpful in any way I would be grateful if you tell someone about this channel. Every little helps. Until the next time take care everyone.

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