Games like Candy Crush are massive on Facebook, but it can be very annoying to other users who continually receive these gaming requests. Now we start this tutorial by signing into your Facebook account. There are two ways to block Facebook game requests, the first way is by clicking on the Apps icon on the left hand side of your home page. Next click on the activity menu on the top, and then click invites. You will now see you’re most recent game invites. Now, click the x button to hide the request, but more importantly you are also given the option to block the game app request. It’s important to remember that blocking the app, doesn’t block the sender and vice/versa. Now the second way, from the home screen click the drop down arrow from the top, and scroll down and click settings. From the settings page click the blocking menu. Now scroll down to block apps, from here, simply start typing in the name of the game you wish to ban, and finally select the game. The App has now been added to the ban list. It is also worth mentioning you can unban any game at a later date.

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