In this tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to discover YouTubes keyboard shortcuts.

YouTube does have very useful shortcuts but there is a common issue with one of the key shortcuts. For example, when you want to pause a video by pressing the spacebar you are often taken to the top of the video’s comments section, and the video will still play in the background. The reason why this happens is because it’s an old video editing software leftover. Many YouTube users are left confused by many of the keyboard shortcuts on the platform. So, in this video, I want to highlight common YouTube shortcuts that you can use and will hopefully find very useful. These shortcuts will only work when the video player is in focus.

First up the big one, to pause a video, press the k key. To go back 5 seconds, press the Left arrow. To go back 10 seconds, press j. To go forward 5 seconds, press the right arrow. To go forward 10 seconds, press l. To skip to a particular section of the video press the 1-9 numbers at the top of the keyboard. For example, 5 goes to the video midpoint. To restart a video press 0. To go Full-screen mode press the F key. To exit Full-screen mode press the Escape key.  To go to the beginning of a video press the home key. To go to the end of the video press the end key. To Increase volume, 5% press the Up arrow. To decrease volume 5%, press the Down arrow. To increase speed press Shift+ the right arrow key. To decrease the speed of the video, press the Shift+ left arrow key. To move forward 1 frame when the video is paused press the. (period) key. To move backwards 1 frame when the video is paused press the, (comma) key. To mute and unmute a video, press the m key.  To turn captions on/off, press the c key, and finally, to Cycle through options for caption background colour press the b key.

Link to the video that was used for this demonstration

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