Adobe Dreamweaver has been around for many years. Once an essential part of web development, but is it still relevant today? Let’s dive into the latest version to see what is on offer.

Adobe Dreamweaver CC is a web design and development application that combines a visual design with a code editor. For many years it was a vital tool for developing websites, but a lot has changed in the last couple of years. Unlike in the past, Adobe Dreamweaver has many new competitors. It’s competitors even have a price advantage some of them are even free. Admittedly they are not in the same market as Dreamweaver, but times have changed. Adobe themselves even has their own alternative called Muse. Adobe would say both programs can co-exist, but many people have started to wonder, is there a future for Dreamweaver?

There is a lot to like about the latest version. Dreamweaver CC 2017 release (17.0). It brings an all-new code editor, a more intuitive user interface with selectable dark and light themes, and several enhancements including support for new workflows such as CSS preprocessors. It’s the first big update since 2014 when Adobe introduced a 64-bit architecture. Dreamweaver CC 2017 shows Adobe still have a commitment to the software. Which should help its current community to hopefully not jump ship.

I often hear from experts in the field.  No one uses Dreamweaver anymore. Learn how to code. Learn a good text editor. This opinion is clearly not for everyone. That’s a respectable argument for the pros, but not good advice for the average consumer. For many people who have no interests in coding and just need a website completed are better off looking at WordPress. WordPress was built to be simple and easy to work with, especially for non-technical users. It’s also incredibly powerful with the ability to customizable your website.

Is Dreamweaver still relevant today? That’s a tough question. Yes, it is for some, but not for others. Dreamweaver CC 2017 is the best it has ever been, but there are simply too many good alternatives now. WordPress, for example, is becoming a clear favourite. It’s sad to say this but in the long run, Adobe Dreamweaver’s days could be numbered.

Dreamweaver CC Review
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