In this tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to enable night mode in Twitter for Android.

In 2016 Twitter introduced a new feature called “Night Mode” to its Android and iOS Apps. The main purpose of said feature was to help with its user’s eyestrain while using its App on a smartphone or tablet, especially at night. It does this by switching most of its interface from a bright white theme to a deep blue theme. Which can help create a more relaxed feel while reading other people’s tweets. It’s a fairly simple feature to activate, and I will demonstrate that now.

The first step is to launch the Twitter app on your Android smartphone or tablet. To access Night Mode you need to tap on your profile image in the top left-hand corner or swipe towards the centre from the left to bring up access to the slide-out drawer. You’ll see a ‘Night mode’ switch just above Settings. Simply tap to turn it on. When you want to turn off night mode, you can follow the same steps detailed to disable it.