In this tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to fix a damaged Android SD card.

Android, unlike iOS, still allows you to purchase an SD Card and insert into your mobile device. It’s a very handy feature that can dramatically increase your smart phone’s storage space but in my experience with admittedly only a few phones. I find the experience to be rather hit and miss. I often receive an SD Card Unexpectedly Removed – error message. This can be very frustrating. The best solution to the problem is to format the SD card.

Before you wipe out all data on the SD card. The first step should be to back up your data. Connect your Android device to your PC. You can do this by plugging in a USB cable that hopefully came with your phone. If not you can always remove the SD card from the phone and insert it into your computer. You will need a card reader and SD Adapter for this.

First, create a new folder by clicking the right mouse button. Scroll down to new, then choose the folder icon. Give the new folder a name. Now select all the folders you want to backup, and drag them to the new folder on the desktop. This is not the smoothest way but it gets the job done. You will receive warnings informing you certain files cannot be transferred. Don’t worry too much about that. You can press the skip button. You can also tick a small radio button at the left side which will stop the warnings from slowing down this process. Now we have backup the data it’s time to format the SD Card.

To format your SD card. Right click on your SD Card drive in This PC or My Computer window. Select “Format…” Leave all the default settings and select “Start”. When the formatting has been completed, copy all your data back onto the SD Card.