To hide your friends list on Facebook the first thing that you need to do is login to Facebook, click on your name or profile picture, this will take you to the profile page. Scroll down to Friends, click on it. You will now see a pencil icon on the right hand side, scroll over to it and click it. A dropdown menu will appear, choose edit privacy. A new menu will open containing the option to change your friend’s list privacy. Click the dropdown arrow and choose the padlock icon to hide your friends list from everyone but you. If your friend list settings are Public you could also choose the Friends option, this will make the list visible only to you and your friends.

Now for the bad news, there is no easy way to do it on any mobile platform. This feature may roll out sometime, but for the moment a desktop browser is your best choice. If you only have access to mobile or tablet device, you’ll need to request the desktop site from the mobile browser. On an iOS, device, from Safari, Tap on the URL bar, then pull down from directly below the URL bar with a swipe gesture to reveal the menu options. Finally choose “Request Desktop Site”.  Safari will reload, and hopefully you will see the desktop version. On an Android device, have Google Chrome open and your Facebook loaded, then tap on the menu bar at the top. You will see a. “Request Desktop site” and a check box, tick it. Chrome will now reload, and you should be able to see the desktop version. This process is hardly perfect, but you should be able to change your Facebook Friends settings.