In this tutorial I’ll be showing you how to find out if you have been hacked. In recent years, millions of user’s email addresses have been leaked online by a series of attacks by hackers. From professional companies like Adobe, to controversial companies like Ashley Madison. Many user’s data have been breached.

If you’re concerned about whether your personal information has been compromised, I strongly recommend visiting a website called ‘Have I Been Pwned’. Pwned is a play on the word ‘owned’, which is informally used to refer to making a fool out of someone, or taking advantage of them. Don’t mistake the websites light-hearted name, this is a very serious website.

I have included the websites URL in the description below. Once you arrive on the home page enter your email address and will do a search and will report back. Looks like one of my addresses was in the Adobe database, and the other one in the Patreon database. Depending on your situation. The best practice is to log into the affected website and change the password as soon as possible. Don’t worry about the adult websites showing up for anyone who knows your email. These are classed as “sensitive” and are not publicly searchable. You will need to register your email with them before you can view these results.

This is a great website to have bookmarked on your favourite web browser, as you may have to recheck your email address again at a later date. To bookmark this website, you can use the keyboard shortcut Control + D for PC or Command + D on a Mac. Let’s hope you don’t have to visit this website too much in the future.

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