In this tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to manage your YouTube privacy settings.

There have been many changes to YouTube’s privacy settings over the years. One of the key changes happened when Google created Google+. There was a forced Google+ integration with YouTube and it was almost universally disliked by its users. It was later killed off by Google as their social media site began to die. Now we come to the percent day. What is the current state of privacy on YouTube? By default, your privacy settings are public, but the good news is you can easy control and make changes to your privacy.

To get started you need to access your privacy settings, you can do this by clicking your avatar in the top-right hand corner. Click the gear icon. Next, click the Privacy menu in the left-hand side.

Now, here you can edit what is public and what is not public. If you want to turn off the public visibility for the videos you have liked and the channels you have subscribed to. You will need to make sure the two boxes are checked. They may be a third box available if you’ve already created a playlist.

Now scroll down to see your Activity Feed. The Activity Feed is where YouTube keeps tracks of all your actions. For example, when subscribing to a new channel or adding a video to public playlists. This is not the same as your subscriptions. The Activity Feed deals with your notifications.

Unlike the section above, the more boxes you have unchecked here, the more private your YouTube account will become.

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