In this tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to mute and block someone on Twitter.

Twitter is currently in engulfed in a major troll infestation of its platform. It has become a such an issue with Twitter it has dramatically slowed its user growth. For this tutorial, I will assume you still want to be on the Twitter platform but not having to deal with the many trolls that attached itself to Twitter. Currently, they are two methods this issue can be tackled. You can Mute someone or block someone. Thankfully muting or blocking someone on Twitter can easily be done on any iOS and Android device. There are a few small differences but not much. As with many of my previous tutorials, the web interface takes centre stage.

You can mute someone’s account on Twitter by finding their Tweets or visiting their Profile. A good place to start is your notifications tab on the top left. After you click the notifications tab scroll down until you find the profile. If they have already replied, or mentioned you by including you’re @username it makes it very easy to mute them. You need to scroll over to the three dots which are after the heart icon. Click it, a small menu will appear which includes the option to mute. Finally, scroll down to mute and click it. A message will appear telling you “You will no longer receive notifications from @username”. Muted accounts will not know that you have muted them.

To Block someone on Twitter. Repeat the same process as last time. Instead of clicking on the mute option click on the Block option. A new window will appear with the following message Block @username? Click the red colour block button. The now blocked user will no longer be able to communicate with you on Twitter. However, if a blocked account visits your profile, they will be able to see they have been blocked. It is also worth mentioning blocking only works if the account you’ve blocked is logged in on Twitter. If the account you’ve blocked isn’t logged in they may be able to see your public Tweets. Please keep this in mind when you share content on Twitter.

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