Netflix is currently the undisputed king of online streaming, but is it any good here in the UK? Let’s find out.

Netflix offers their customers a simple choice. For a monthly fee, which can be cancelled at any time. You’re given unlimited access to its full range of movies and TV shows. They are three options to choice from. The Basic package, which is £5.99 a month that gives you access to the standard definition streams. It also limits watching to only a single device at any one time. The Standard package, which is £7.49 a month, which will allow you to view Full HD, 1080p streams, and watch on two different devices at the same time. The Premium package, which is £8.99 a month, can allow up to four different devices at any one time. It also unlocks Netflix’s 4K Ultra HD content library. 4K content can only be viewed on compatible TVs.

Netflix content can be viewed on a wide range of devices. Netflix syncs the content you’re watching too. Start a film on your desktop PC and pick it up later on your mobile phone. Speaking of Mobile, Netflix’s apps are available for Android and iOS. Let’s not forget about television. Newer set-top boxes are shipping with Netflix apps preinstalled. So watching content on a big screen TV will not be an issue.

When you log in to Netflix you will have to choose a profile, which can be password locked. There’s even a dedicated Kids profile which gives a different layout and removes more adult content.

The crowning achievement of Netflix is the video streams themselves. The quality is very impressive. If your bandwidth is low it will deliver just the standard definition versions, but if you’ve got the hardware and the capacity it can go up to 4K Ultra HD. You also get 5.1 surround sound support too, for that home cinema experience.

On the downside the TV and movie sections are a little sparse when compared to say Sky-based competition. Netflix cannot and will not replace your DVD or Blu-ray collections for the time being.

Netflix is still the king of online video streaming. A very simple and friendly interface. Universal support from many platforms. Very impressive original content that would not look out of place on prime time TV or even in the cinema. Sadly, the UK version of Netflix’s does lack many of the TV shows and movies from the US version. It’s also missing many TV series from the UK. I would still recommend you sign up, but go for the Standard package. With the Standard package I think you have the better deal as 4K content is only available TV’s that can display it. Finally, I don’t see any Netflix rivals changing the industry up in the foreseeable future. This could be the company you go to watch films online for many years to come.

Netflix UK Review
8.9Overall Score

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