Now before we delete your Facebook account. What we will want to do is backup everything that we have. So all of our photos, videos, and all of the posts.  So let’s get started.

Click on the little drop down arrow in the upper right hand corner.  Scroll down to the account settings, and once you are there just click on download a copy of your Facebook data. Click on the download archive button. Basically what it is going to do is save a folder to your desktop that has all the information there.  Just a quick note, if you have a lot of information on your Facebook account this might take a bit of time. You will be given a notification when it is ready.

Now the next thing I am going to show you is how to deactivate your account. As before click on the drop down icon on the upper right hand corner.  Click account settings, and then click security, and then scroll down and click deactivate your account. Now you will put in the reason why you are deactivating or leaving for a period of time. You can go ahead and click one of these. It is always going to put up a little dialog box and try and convince you to stay, but you don’t need to do it. Just click on it, and confirm. Then you will need to put in your password, and then it will deactivate your account. It will be de-indexed, but all the information is there, and anytime you want to restore it, all you have to do is log in to Facebook, and it will reinstate your account.

Okay, you are ready to permanently delete your Facebook account. Now click on the padlock icon on the upper right hand corner, right next to the drop down arrow. Click on the search box. Type in the following words, “delete account”.  You may also try “deleting account”. The two top search results should be. “What is the difference between deactivating and deleting my account?”, and “how do I permanently delete my account?” Click on the “how do I permanently delete my account?” option. Facebook will go into the brief description of deleting your account.  To continue on the process of deleting your Facebook account. Click on the “let us know” text which is highlighted. You will be taken to Facebook’s delete account page. Click delete my account button. Now what is going to happen, you are going to have to put in your password, and then put in the captcha.  So, put in your password, then the captcha, and then click ok. Now it comes up with a final warring. Basically it says, your account will be permanently delete within 14 days. If you log back into your account before the 14 days, it will cancel this request. So what you will have to do is wait for 15 days, and then your Facebook account will be no more.

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