Windows 7 users upgrading their PC to Windows 10 may be shocked to find out you can no longer play DVD’s or Blu-ray discs. Unlike many of the previous versions, Windows 8 and 10 don’t include built-in support for playing DVDs. Microsoft decided not to include DVD support because so many new computers aren’t shipping with DVD drives. Microsoft also pays a licensing fee for each copy of Windows that ships with DVD support. Microsoft have made an App called Windows DVD Player, which is available in their App Store. The reviews for the App are not very good, and noticeably this DVD App is not free.

The best solution to the problem is to install a third-party DVD player. I recommend the very popular VLC media player. It’s free, and after you install it you’ll be able to play DVDs in VLC. Sadly, Blu-rays are another matter, they are supported but many of them won’t play because of Digital Rights Management encryption. To get started, download VLC from VideoLan, and once it’s installed, open the program from its desktop shortcut. To play a DVD in VLC, click the Media menu and select Open Disc. Your Windows 10 PC will now be able to play any DVD disc you insert into its disc drive.

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