Windows 10 was released to the public in July 2015. The operating system was generally well received by critics and users. A very different experience from the Windows 8 launch in October 2012.  Microsoft was praised for downplaying many of Windows 8’s key features. Of course, no operating system is perfect. Windows 10 also added a few controversial features, but overall it was a very successful launch. Now that we’re in 2017 we’ve all had a few years to get to grips with Windows 10. In this video, I would like to count down the top five Windows 10 features I feel is the highlight of the operating system.

Improved Multitasking

At number 5! Improved Multitasking. Most Windows users are not aware of the Alt-Tab keyboard shortcut to switch between windows and apps. To address this Microsoft has added a task view icon in the taskbar of Windows 10. The Windows task switcher also now displays large thumbnails as well. Very useful improvement for all power users.


At number 4! Cortana. The Windows Phone assistant has arrived in Windows 10. Cortana will want access to your personal info. This may not be for everyone, and thankfully it’s still optional. Cortana can be very useful to help set reminders for different times and places. A very useful feature for Business users.

Action Center

At number 3! Action Center. Microsoft replacement for Windows 8’s ineffective charms bar. Action Center’s goal is to be a single place for all system notifications and quick access to various settings. Microsoft deserves credit for this one. Once you get used to the new notifications system. Windows 10’s Action Center works extremely well.

Microsoft Edge

At number 2! Microsoft Edge. Microsoft’s replacement for Internet explorer surprised many by being an extremely promising web browser. Not many people use it but the ones that do find it a very reliable and a good alternative web browser. Microsoft Edge is a fantastic replacement for the dreadful Internet explorer.

Start Menu

At number 1! The return of the start menu. It was absolutely baffling for Microsoft to remove the start menu from Windows 8. There was a major backlash by consumers and business. Finally, Microsoft saw sense and returned the start menu in Windows 10. It’s not the traditional start menu from Windows 7, but it does get the job done.