In a previous tutorial I showed you how to turn off auto play video on Facebook. Like Facebook, Twitter has been rolling out video to complete with other social media networks. Much like the problem with Facebook, Twitter’s own autoplay can also eat up a user’s data.

To disable auto-play videos on a desktop, sign into your Twitter account, then click on your profile photo and select settings from the drop-down menu. On the account page. Head down to the content section. Next to video tweets, “Video Autoplay” is ticked by default. Untick it and click the “Save changes” button.

To disable auto-play videos in Twitter’s Android app, tap the options button and select settings. Next tap general, then video auto-play. Select “Never play videos automatically.” On an iOS device, tap me in the lower-right corner, navigate to Gear icon, Settings, Video autoplay and select “Never play videos automatically.”