YouTube safety mode is a setting which gives users the opportunity to remove mature content. It is an “opt-in” setting, which means that it won’t take effect until you switch it on. The setting filters search results to remove videos with mature content or videos that has been age restricted, which means such content will not show up in your video searches, related videos, and playlists. The big problem with safety mode is it often flags up many videos that are perfectly suitable. The simple solution is to turn safety mode off in YouTube’s settings. To make any changes you will need to be signed into your YouTube account.

To turn off safety mode on the desktop, scroll to the bottom of any YouTube page and click “Safety: On”, then click the “off” option. Safety mode can also be changed on YouTube’s mobile site. Tap the menu icon on the right hand side. Tap the settings option, followed by the general option, and finally untick “Safety mode” to disable this feature. On Android, tap the menu icon, then settings, followed by general. Untick the box to disable this feature. On iOS, expand the menu in the top left. Tap the gear symbol to enter the settings menu. Select “safety mode filter”, you can choice between strict or no filtering, choice no filtering.

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