To get a free copy of Windows 10 look to your system tray for “Get Windows 10” icon. Click on the small Windows icon to open the window. The Windows 10 free upgrade offer is only valid for Windows 7, and Windows 8 users. Windows 10 will require a 3GB download. Click “Reserve your free upgrade”. Enter your email address, then click the send confirmation button. Now it’s a simple waiting game.

When your machine is finally ready for the upgrade. Microsoft will start downloading Windows 10 in the background. This may take some time depending on your internet connection. The “Get Windows 10” icon will now be updated to “Upgrade – Available”. Click the “OK, let’s continue” button. Accept the licence agreement. Next, your PC will prepare for the Windows 10 installation. Now the final part, choice when to update, there are two options, “Schedule it for later” or “Start the upgrade now”. Once the process begins, your machine will restart a few times. The Windows 10 installation could take over an hour to complete, you may want to make yourself a coffee while you wait.

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